Student Health Insurance


Health insurance is not required by law for International students on an F-1 visa. However, we highly encourage all of our students to either bring their own insurance from their home country or purchase coverage through the school.


We offer a comprehensive health insurance plan through the Aetna Health Network. Rates are very reasonable and  based on the student’s age. Please check the following link for a description of the coverage offered through the school’s insurance plan:



Weekly rates:   $38 (12-39 yo)          $68 (40-59 yo)          $98 (60-69 yo)


To sign up for the Health Insurance plan, we require written notification (by e-mail) from the student, with a desired start date of the coverage and the duration (in weeks). Keep in mind that there is a 1-week wait period for students who sign up for insurance after they have already arrived in the U.S.



per week

12-39 yo

40-59 yo


per week


per week

60-69 yo