Methods of Payment

The fastest way to make a payment is by using a credit card. Simply complete our fillable authorization form and email it to us. We do not charge a service fee for credit card payments.


If you prefer,  Brandon College is now also accepting secure online payments through PaytoStudy, or you can send a bank-to-bank wire transfers. A service charge may apply (details see below).




Online Payment by PaytoStudy


service charge: free in most countries *

PaytoStudy is a secure online payment system which offers a fast and affordable way to make international payments with competitive foreign exchange rates.


* Where PaytoStudy has a local bank account, they will eliminate the international banking charges usually associated with international payments.


Click on the green button to pay online now.





Bank Wire Transfer



Send money from your bank to the school's bank account using a wire transfer.


Bank details: for security reason, please enter your name and email address below and click submit. We will email you the required bank details for the wire transfer.

service charge: $30 flat fee

Fill out my online form.